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Logistics, Transport & Warehousing

Des Bennett Consultants Limited can help your business achieve cost effective results by delivering bespoke and comprehensive logistics, transport and warehousing solutions.

How we can help your logistic operations
We have all the necessary skills to understand all logistic operations and supply chains with the qualified knowledge to improve them. It is a broadly accepted fact that 75% of logistic operations are only 65% efficient. When you consider the cost of logistic operations, the savings that can be made out of reducing the 35% waste can pay for themselves time after time. This is where Des Bennett Consultants can help and because we help make savings on your logistics budget.

We can assist you if:

You are you taking on a new customer who requires a different form of transport.
Your fleet has increased and you need a new way of managing the fleet.
You would like to out-source your transport system.
You need help with an existing transport issue.

Transport problems?
Our consultants all hold a CPC and have the necessary experience to unravel the myth from the fact. By doing this we can save your company a lot of money and free up either your transport fleet or save you money with your third party provider.

What warehousing solution?
There are many different warehouse solutions to suit different business operations. In many cases it is cost effective for you to employ a specialist to achieve the best results for your warehousing utilisation. We have the skills to ensure you get the best out of your current system or assist you in developing new ones to save time and money.

We will:

Establish a cost effective logistics, transport and/or warehousing solution.
Generate a time efficient solution.
Implement any suitable logistics plan.
Negotiate with third parties.

Fire Risk Assessments


  • We can improve utilisation on average by 15%
  • We can improve warehouse efficiency by 25%

For more information or to book a consultation, contact Des Bennett Consultants on 01945 587 205 or E-mail.

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